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Driving Lessons Bunbury WA

Six steps to your first Driving Lesson: You will need to develop your knowledge of the West Australian road rules, your driving skills and safe driving habits

97% first pass rate

Driving Lessons Bunbury:

Once you have your learner's permit you can begin learning the skills you need to become a safe driver.

In this step, you need to find supervising drivers who can assist you in gaining your initial minimum of 50 supervised driving hours.

NEW DRIVING LESSON RULES: From 9 October 2017, The Department of Transport introduced a re-sequence which require learner drivers to complete the Hazard Perception Test (HPT) before the Practical Driving Assessment (PDA). In addition applicants must be 17 years of age or older and have completed 50 hours of supervised driving, including five hours of supervised night-time driving, before being eligible to attempt the Practical Driving Assessment (Driving Test).

The major differences to the licence process are:
1. The sequence of the PDA and the HPT - This will see applicants have greater driving experience when attempting their PDA, reducing the complexity of the provisional licence process and aligning us with other Australian jurisdictions and streamlining our service delivery.

2. The requirement for those aged 24 years and younger to declare five hours of supervised night time driving and;

3. An exemption for learner drivers 25 years of age and older from the requirement to complete a Log Book for a car (C class) vehicle licence only; all other requirements will still apply, including the six month waiting period between the issue of the learner's permit and undertaking the HPT.

More information on these changes can be found HERE.

Step 1: Obtain a West Australian Learners Permit.

Learning to drive in WA. You have to get a West Australian learner's permit by passing the theory test. A learner's permit is valid for three years. Information on getting a West Australian Learners permit can be found on the Department of Transport web page.

Step 2: Learn to safely drive a car.

Get a supervising driver to instruct you in the safe handling of a motor vehicle. It is highly recommended that you get your driving lessons from a qualified, licensed instructor for this.

Step 3: Pass your practical Bunbury driving test (PDA).

After your 50 hours minimum supervised driving and you have developed the ability to control your vehicle in a safe manner, you can take the Practical Driving Assessment (PDA)

Step 4: Gain driving experience.

Once you have passed your driving test, you will need to complete a further minimum of 25 supervised driving hours over at least six months. These are recorded in a log book.

Step 5: Hazard Perception Test.

On completion of your additional 50 supervised driving hours (after your Practical Driving test) you must pass the Hazard Perception Test (HPT) before you can get your WA provisional licence. The Department of Transport has a great web page, plus an online simulator that you can practice online HERE.

Step 6: Getting your P Plates (Provisional plates)

Upon successfully completing your driving test, you will be granted 'P Plates' and you can now drive unsupervised. REMEMBER, this licence is granted with CONDITIONS that you must comply with whilst driving. The Department of Transport has a 'Novice Driver' webpage showing what these are. Book your driving lessons.

Booking your Driving lessons in Bunbury with a Certified driving instructor, is vital to successfully passing your driving assessment (test) We have over 21 years of driving tuition experience, with a 97% pass rate @ First assessment. Book your lessons today!

Bunbury Driving lessons
FIRST: A WA Learners Permit:
  • 1. You must be a minimum of 16 years of age.
  • 2. Complete & submit a Driver's licence application Download PDF form here:
  • 3. Bring your required proof of identification documents. Download PDF Identification form here
  • 4. Pass the driving theory test.
  • 5. Complete an eyesight test.
  • 6. Have your photograph taken.

Once you have gained your learner's permit, you can begin to develop the skills you will need to become a safe driver. You MUST have a supervising driver who can assist you in gaining your initial minimum of 50 supervised driving hours

  • 97% Pass rate @ first assessment
  • Fully insured & crash free since 1999
  • Servicing the Greater Bunbury Area
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  • Licence classes C, C-A
  • Accredited Keys 2 Drive Instructor
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  • Driving Instructor for over 21 years
  • Dual control vehicles

"Definitely would not have been able to pass without your help. I recommend you to everyone!"

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"Makes you feel at ease, knows her stuff and is very well priced, plus my daughter passed her PDA first go..!"

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"Highly recommend Gem as she is amazing. I suffer from anxiety and she keeps me calm and collected. Thankyou so much"

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Driving lessons in Bunbury: The City of Bunbury is located some 160 kilometres, about a 1½ hour drive, south of the capital Perth, on the new Forrest highway. Bunbury is Western Australia's second largest city. Ability Drive Tuition has been giving driving lessons in the Greater Bunbury, Eaton, Millbridge and Australind regions, for the past 23 years with a 97% first assessment (PDA) pass rate. You will be taking your driving lessons and driving test in and around the Bunbury region on roads used by Assessors at the Bunbury Department of Transport. Bunbury has many of the driving situations that you would experience in a comprehensive provisional driving assessment (PDA or Driving Test) - ranging from steep hill starts in manual and automatic cars, to parallel parking, dual carriage way roads, to Bunbury Inner City (CBD) driving conditions.